Diving in The Azores


The Azores Islands are among the top diving destinations in the world.  With a mild ocean temperature always above 16ºC (61ºF), the Azores Islands bring forth a wide variety of ocean life and excellent diving conditions, with specific spots for the more experienced divers or for those who want to create an unforgettable experience of the Azores Islands.

It is easy to find a plethora of diving spots full of surprises in the Azores Archipelago.

On São Miguel Island, you can dive to the Dori wreckage, a cargo ship which participated in the landing of Normandy and sank in the 1980’s next to Ponta Delgada, or observe large groups of mantas or shoals of large pelagic fish close to the shore in spots like Baixa da Sabrina, Lourenços or Panela, with its subaquatic caves surely to mesmerize you.

On Terceira Island you can dive in a spot, which has also been witness to history, the Anchor Cemetery in the Archeological Subaquatic Park of Angra do Heroísmo, where you will find a centenarian sunken ship, the Lidador, the Arcadas do Judeu, where you can see a geological formation similar to Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway or Santa Catarina, a location with a wide variety of species.

On Faial Island there are also some exciting diving spots, such as Gruta dos Camarões or Furnas do Monte da Guia, only for advanced divers, or Canhões de Entre Montes, where you can find interesting archeological remnants.  Lastly, Espalamaca Norte is a spot full of variety of fish species where you can observe light bubbling in the ocean water, a sign of volcanic activity on Faial Island.

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