Walking Trails Azores

The Azores Islands are deemed to be one of the most sustainable destinations in the world because of its conservation of Nature sites and the balance between human activity and the protection of the environment, which make these islands one the best spots to explore walking trails.

With well-kept trails on all the Islands, Walking in the Azores is a chosen activity recognized in many international publications which focus on trekking in Nature for the whole family or for more advanced practitioners in search of unique thrill.  To walk around the perimeter of Sete Cidades Crater Lake or to walk up Pico Mountain (both on the list of Portugal’s 7 Natural Wonders) offer a packed experience of goals hard to obtain in other places.

Go on the adventure to explore the Azores Islands with family, friends or by yourself, so you can find yourself while immersed in sweeping landscapes and hidden treasures everywhere you turn.

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