Points of Interest in Faial Island


Points of Interest

» Horta is the urban center of the island and a port of shelter for many recreational yachts that cross the Atlantic Ocean.  The city has a colored marina, because of the paintings left by sailors as proof of their passage through the island.

» The North coast of the island has some beautiful sights, such as the Almoxarife’s beach and the Costa Brava viewpoint.

» Ponta dos Capelinhos is without a doubt one of the main tourist attractions of Faial: it is a unique phenomenon in the archipelago, located in the extreme western point of the island, where you can witness the effects of the volcanic eruption of 1957/58, a blanket of ashes that has sunken all signs of human presence, except for the old lighthouse, which with time has risen from the black ashes and contrasts with the blue ocean.

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