Walking in Faial Island


There are three pedestrian trails on Faial Island: the trail of Rocha da Fajã, the Capelo trail, in the Capelinhos, and the Caldeira trail.

» Rocha da Fajã Trail – it starts and finishes in Praia do Norte and passes by areas classified as Places of Collective Interest and Areas of Special Protection.  The track goes down to Fajã da Praia do Norte, a “fajã” (small rocky platform at base of cliff) formed initially by debris and later molded by lava, due to the eruption of  Cabeço de Fogo.  This trail passes through fields and bushes of Incense, Beech, Cryptomeria (Japanese cedar) and Eucryphia cordifolia of great dimensions.  During the trail we pass by the fajã beach, ideal for surfing.

» Capelo Trail – it crosses three Zones of Reservation: a Zone of Special Protection, a Zone of Collective Interest and a Zone of Protected Landscape, and begins in the Parque Florestal – Forest Park (Trupes do Capelo).  The trail at the Núcleo Museológico dos Capelinhos (Capelinhos Museum).

» Caldeira Trail, – this trail gives us the ability to enjoy the panoramic sight of the Caldeira, since no one is allowed to descend to the Caldeira,  as it is considered a Natural Reservation area, a Zone of Collective Interest and a Zone of Special Protection.

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