Gastronomy in São Miguel


Cozido das Furnas has a unique flavor because of the way it is cooked – buried in the hot volcanic soil, it stews slowly with the heat of the earth for six hours.  Linguiça with inhames (Linguica with Yams), Lapas – Limpets with Afonso sauce, Chicharros – Blue Jack Mackerel with vilão sauce and Morcelas (Blood sausages) with pineapple are some of the local specialties.

» Sweets – Queijadas da vila (local pastries), Bolos lêvedos (Portuguese muffins) and massa sovada (Portuguese sweet bread).

» Tea – there is a production of green  and black teas in Gorreana and black tea in Porto Formoso. Tea, especially green tea, has in recent years become very popular due to its natural healing properties.

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