São Miguel Island


First, the crater lakes capture us wholeheartedly. Elected as one of Portugal’s 7 Natural Wonders in 2010, Sete Cidades Lakes is a cocktail of green and blue waters. Lagoa do Fogo or Fire Lake gives you Mother Nature’s drama with its lava and ocean landscapes.


Lagoa das Furnas or Furnas Lake, with mirrored waters out of a fairytale features a gothic church spiral.  Then, Furnas Valley offers you magical gardens at the bottom of a volcanic crater, where hot springs converge.  Inside, the Terra Nostra Botanical Park, which Condé Nast Traveler deemed as one of the world’s top ten “Green Retreats” is home to a mix of exotic species from tropical and cold climates.  The steam of the Hot Springs brings to life the volcanic origins of São Miguel Island.
Black-sanded beaches invite you during leisure hours into an ocean warmed up by the gulf current, where you can practice activities such as surf, windsurf, diving, whale watching, sailing, deep sea fishing, and canoeing.
On land, you can explore pedestrian trails, while hiking or biking, go mountain climbing, do cultural visits and taste the gastronomical delights of the archipelago, enriched by fresh and natural local products.
And you cannot miss the only tea plantation in Europe, where you will be enchanted by incredible landscapes of endless fields and Holstein cattle, lush vegetation, painted with flowers with the perfectly located vantage points so you can experience the intensity of an unforgettable.

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