Traditions and Festivities São Miguel


Santo Cristo dos Milagres Festivities is one of the biggest celebrations in the archipelago, which takes place this year between May 29 and June 2st.  On Sunday, there are processions around the city center with colored tapestry made of flowers coating the streets, adorning balconies, and where incense fragrances the air among a “sea” of people.

» The Divino Espírito Santo Festivities, from April to June, are the most traditional and meaningful festivals of the archipelago and are lived with fervor in São Miguel, with offers of bread, meat and wine (called “pensões”) to the population.  Fireworks and several religious ceremonies are celebrated throughout the island.

» The Cavalhadas, with Knights dressed in typical costumes, on shining horses that salute Saint Peter on June 29th  in Ribeira Grande. This celebration is full of color, a traditional cultural expression that reminds us of medieval times and the cavalry’s tournaments.

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