Terceira Island


Here you can explore monuments and beautiful views, visited every year by thousands of tourists.


In addition to its abundant history, Terceira Island offers many natural attractions, such as the Caldeira de Guilherme Moniz (largest crater on the Island), Algar do Carvão (ancient lava cave), Cabras dual Islet, Grota do Medo (Megalithic structure), Monte Brasil’s Reservation, Picos da Bagacina and Cabrito (lava elevations) or Doze Ribeiras Parish. With some splendid beaches like Praia da Vitória, Terceira Island is full of spots where you can experience the mild tempered waters of the Atlantic Ocean, namely at Biscoitos’s natural swimming pool carved out of lava rocks.

It’s also on Terceira Island where some popular festivities attract Azoreans from all over the archipelago. The Sanjoaninas Celebration takes place in the center of Angra do Heroísmo, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, followed by the Praia da Vitória Festivities in the summer and by Bailinhos or Carnaval Dances, deemed “the largest theatrical performance festival of the Portuguese language.”

And naturally, Terceira Island is also known for its typical cuisine, highlighted by traditional baked goods like the Dona Amélia small custard cakes, and fish or meat entrées such as the famous Alcatra, a beef roasted in red wine, garlic and spices.

To visit Terceira Island you get to experience the history of the Azores Islands and of Portugal and be mesmerized by every detail of this unique island.

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