Ryanair start flights to Terceira

ryanair terceira island

Direct flights to Ponta Delgada from Frankfurt and London.  And Ryanair starts flights to Terceira Island.


Starting in December, one destination will make it to your 2017 wish list: Terceira Island in the Azores. Ryanair will include Terceira as one of their destinations with promotional rates from Lisbon and Oporto and the Bensaude Hotels will celebrate this special occasion with some great promos so you can discover this breathtaking island.


Also, starting in March 2017, you will be able to travel directly from Frankfurt, Germany to Ponta Delgada, Azores. Ryanair has recently announced that next year that connection will be available in March/April. It will also be easier to get to Ponta Delgada from London, as the lowcost airline has also informed us it will be reinforcing their operation from the UK with three direct flights to São Miguel after March 2017.


For those who want to visit Terceira Island, the capital Angra do Heroísmo is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and you will see there is a special care in preserving the city’s treasures which make Angra unique as you explore its streets and arrive at the incredible view over Monte Brasil, a dormant volcano which takes over Angra’s landscape and served as a protective wall to ships which once navigated the Atlantic during the Discoveries.


The view over Monte Brasil can best be experienced from our resort-style Terceira Mar Hotel, a few minutes walking distance from Angra’s downtown, offering you the exclusivity and privacy of a remote location on Earth thanks to Fanal Bay, where guests can swim in the mild waters of the Gulf. Because we are in love with Terceira Island, here are some suggestions on places to explore and some great tips so you can really enjoy the first of many visits to this island:


To visit in Terceira Island:

1- Museum of Angra do Heroísmo. Here you will be able to experience what life was like when Angra was one of the main political and economic centers of Portugal during the Discoveries. Full of content and striking architecture.


2- São João Baptista Fortress, built on top of Monte Brasil in the 16th century during the Philip reign, geared toward protection of the Island against pirate and corsair attacks. It is the largest Spanish fortress outside of the Iberian Peninsula.


3- Palace of the Captains-General. Ordered to be built by D. Sebastião as a gift to the Society of Jesus, it has been used in different ways and today is the official residence of the Vice-Presidency of the Regional Government of the Azores. It contains a large art collection and is worth a visit.


4- Monte Brasil. An extinct volcano steps from downtown Angra. It is the Natural Park of the city with a trail and lookout point not to miss.


5- Algar do Carvão. If you have always wanted to know what the inside of a volcano is like, you need to go here. One of the rare ancient lava tube or volcanic vents possible to visit in the world, Algar do Carvão resembles a spectacular underground cathedral created by the magna force responsible for the existence of the archipelago. An experience you must have.


6- Biscoitos, one of the locals and visitors’ favorite swimming areas of North Atlantic waters in Terceira Island, extremely popular with families. And you can end your journey at the Wine Museum with the same parish name.


9- Vaquinha Cheese Factory. Here is produced the oldest brand of Terceira’s cured cheese and one of the most popular. You will tour a typical Azorean milk processing plant, where you can purchase delicious cheese and yogurt.


10- Serra do Cume Viewpoint. One of the most popular viewpoints offers a mesmerizing view over hills and valleys which make Terceira’s landscape different from all the other islands.


11- Pico do Facho Viewpoint over Praia da Vitória, Terceira Island’s second largest city.


12- Furnas do Enxofre. Another volcanic phenomenon, considered to be a Regional Natural Monument is a protected habitat of rare island species.


13- Natal Cave. A lava tunnel about 697 meters long, where you can observe many geological structures, different types of lava, estalcites and lateral protuberances. As you can conclude, there are many things to experience on Terceira Island. You can have fully packed days, but if you want to just relax, you can certainly do so in our cocooned Terceira Mar Hotel.


Check out the most iconic dishes of Terceira’s cuisine here and spend your afternoon near the swimming taking in the Atlantic Ocean and Monte Brasil, sipping on one of our signature gins. At Terceira Mar Hotel you also take advantage of our Hotel&Car special, which combines hotel stay and rental car so you can discover Terceira Island at your leisure and at a very special price. Terceira Island is one of the Azores jewels and now you can visit with Ryanair and the Bensaude Hotels, a mere click away. Terceira Mar Hotel welcomes you to Terceira Island!


As the tourism pioneer in the Azores, with the opening of Terra Nostra Garden Hotel in 1935, the Bensaude Hotels invites you to take advantage of the best hotel promotions in the Azores Islands at the best possible price. Find out more about our specials here!


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Take advantage of the accessible conditions provided by the airline companies RyanAir and EasyJet, and from airports in the portuguese mainland visit any of the nine islands for the same price with the airline company SATA – find out more here.

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