Other activities in Lisbon

Festa da Serveja no Castello São Jorge 31-07-04.. fotos AS.

» Fado: Old or new, the fado represents the Portuguese soul, it is the song of Lisboa, and in each word you uncover the history of a brave and daring nation, which ventured the oceans in search of new worlds. Go to a fado house and taste a typical caldo verde (kale soup) with chouriço and broa as you listen to a fado show in typical tradition and cultural environment. “A Severa – restaurante típico”, the “Adega Mesquita” or the “Forcado” are some of our suggestions.

» Handicrafts: The handmade crafts of the Lisbon region are varied, from rendas de bilros (bobbin lace), ponto cruz (cross stitch) embroidery, Caldas da Rainha ceramics, glass works from Marinha Grande and the typical Portuguese glazed tiles in blue and white colors. These products can be purchased in specialized shops or directly from the artisans.

» Lisbon Zoo: In the centre of Lisbon, for the past 120 years, the Lisbon Zoo combines education with entertainment and fun, for both children and adults.

» Fitness activities: Practice cycling, jogging or rollerblading at Parque das Nações, where you can enjoy the view of the Tejo river and the impressive 25 de Abril Bridge. Take a break and relax on the terraces of cafés and restaurants, surrounded by beautiful gardens and sculptures.

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