Traditions and Festivities of Lisbon


Festival dos Oceanos 2010
The Oceans Festival is back in Lisbon between July 31 and August 14, with an edition devoted to the commemoration of the centenary of the Portuguese Republic, which includes several events, to animate the Riverside Area of the Capital, Lisbon.
Unprecedented, surprising and appealing performances, Concerts, Fado Nights, Museums opened at night, Exhibitions, street entertainment, interactive activities and fireworks are some of the surprises that are access free and directed at audiences of all ages.

» Red Bull Air Race – Lisbon 2010
The city of Lisbon will make its debut on the Red Bull Air Race calendar in 2010 when the World Championship makes a highly anticipated return to Portugal in the first week of September.
This event, of great projection and notoriety, will have the scenario of Tejo River, and will run between the bridge 25 April and the Tower of Belém.

7 Natural Wonders of Portugal
Elected in 2010 are the “7 Natural Wonders of Portugal”. Portugal will be the first country in the world to elect its wonders of nature and that places Portugal at the forefront in terms of environmental preservation and sustainability.
2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity.
This project will strengthen an environmental movement that is growing globally and is intended as a reference in contributing to environmental sustainability in our country.
The nominees will be organized in the following seven categories that represent the landscape diversity of Portugal
The 7 Categories are:
Marine Zones
Caves and Caverns
Beaches and cliffs
Large Reliefs
Protected Areas
Zones Water Not Marine

The winners will be announced in the Azores (itself a natural wonder), S. Miguel island, on September 11.

» Estoril Open – Tennis, one of the most important international sporting events happening in the country, with a start-studded attendance where famous names of tennis compete. Estoril Open is an annual event, part of the main worldwide calendar of tennis competitions, as well as the elite division, which is part of other four competitions, including the Grand Slam (Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open) and still nine other matches: Indian Wells, Miami, Sydney, Memphis, Acapulco, S`Hertogenbosch, Sopot, Tokyo and Moscow.

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