25th Annual Camellia Exhibition in Furnas


25th Annual Camellia Exhibition in Furnas


On February 25th and 26th, Furnas Valley welcomes the 25th Annual Camellia Expo in the Casino of the world’s award winning Terra Nostra Garden Hotel.


Organized by Povoação’s Town Hall in partnership with Terra Nostra Garden Hotel and the Parish of Furnas, this year’s camellia expo will showcase over 200 varieties in surroundings uniquely inspired by the people of Furnas and their passion for this flower, often known as the “Queen of the Winter Flowers.”


The camellia’s presence in Furnas Valley is practically mandatory and one of the recognized symbols of this parish.   It is part of this magic and its variety which made Terra Nostra Garden the recipient of the International Camellia Garden of Excellence certificate by the prestigious International Camellia SocietyWith over 800 different plants sprinkled throughout the majestic Terra Nostra Garden overseen by head gardener Fernando Costa, this collection mesmerizes any botany aficionado.


In addition to the vast diversity of camellias, this year, artisans and local growers will showcase their products for sale along with samples, and works by self-taught Furnas photographer Paulo Moniz, and art by Olga Pontes.   Musical entertainment is conducted by teacher and musician from Povoação, Rafael Carvalho.  This event will have a performance by Fado Singer Mário Fernandes, who will conclude the 25th Annual Camellia Expo.   


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