Carnival in the Azores Islands

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Carnival in the Azores Islands

In the Azores, Carnival is the end result of many different traditions put together coming from all four corners of the globe.  You can experience a truly festive time with a plethora of cultural options in the various Azores Islands.  


On Terceira Island, amateur theatrical performances – the famous Bailinhos or Danças de Entrudo – mobilize thousands of participants and spectators every year, and is one of the “largest examples of amateur theater in the world.” Don’t miss your chance to catch these spectacular performances at Terceira’s Teatro Angrense from February 25th-28th starting at 5pm.


On São Miguel Island, masked and gala balls last all night long, whether happening at the Coliseu (on February 24th & 27th, starting at 11pm) or at Teatro Micaelense (on February 25th, also starting at 11pm), and are one the main attractions of this festive time. The Battle of Limas (small soft balls of paraffin filled with water) which takes place on February 28th between 3pm and 7pm, is also an event you certainly won’t want to miss.  This exciting “battle” extends all along the main oceanfront avenue of Ponta Delgada, steps from Hotel Marina Atlântico, with over a hundred participants.


Malassadas are a typically Azorean fried dough associated with this time of year and Carnival. These days, the malassada (or malasada) is one of Hawaii’s famous specialties influenced by Azorean immigrants during the 19th century.  And you can find several bakeries specializing in malasadas, in the Hawaiian Islands.  


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