Reopening of Terra Nostra Garden Hotel


“Some places acquire a grandiose aura through time. Others are born with it.”


Of all the places you can go to in the world there is nowhere you can feel Nature whisper secrets to your ear as you can at Terra Nostra Garden Hotel in the Azores Islands.

Built in 1935, Terra Nostra Garden Hotel has been remodeled and will reopen on June 3rd.  It has been reclassified as a 4-star property and retains its original art déco charm.
The reclassification of Terra Nostra will offer our guests a variety of experiences connected to the Botanical Garden and the thermal volcanic qualities of Furnas Valley.   Beyond being an extraordinary place, Terra Nostra Garden Hotel will give you an endless source of experiences, transforming everyone who visits, leaving you with a long-lasting imprint.
The first highlights at Terra Nostra will be available for a limited time only, so make sure you check our site for updates and become one of the first people to experience the new Terra Nostra Garden Hotel, where you will want to return time and time again.

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