When should you visit the Azores?

when should you visit azores

When should you visit the Azores?


The Azores offer an endless amount of breathtaking landscapes throughout the entire year. There are many activities to partake in during your winter getaway to the Azores, but the first on your list should be visiting the tea plantations of Porto Formoso and Gorreana. While you sip on a delicious cup of fresh, hot tea, served in a typically regional cup and accompanied by a variety of local refreshments, you can take in the stunning surroundings of the infinite blue seascape and rolling green hillsides full of vegetation that is unique to the archipelago.

Next on your list of can’t-miss activities: thermal water baths! São Miguel is home to many natural thermal pools that are scattered throughout the island, each unique in composition, temperature and location, and each very much worth a visit. Caldeira Velha, Ferraria, Poça da Dona Beija and- of course- the famed thermal water pool of Terra Nostra Park are a few of the places where you can go to enjoy some incredible therapeutic benefits, recharge your batteries and get in touch with the mystical nature of the Azores Islands.

Seeing and experiencing the beauty of the Azores through hiking trails and walking tours is an option even during the coldest winter months; Whether rain or shine, the Azores never loses their charm. With average temperatures sitting comfortably at an average of around 13ºc in winter (and 24ºc in summer), winter in the Azores is not nearly as cold or harsh when compared tomany other places in Portugal, Europe and the rest of the world. The Azores is able to maintain their lush, fertile landscapes and distinctive, intense color palette due to the high humidity- a unique characteristic trait of the islands.

The many delicious regional dishes of traditional Azorean cuisine are sure to please the palate of any food lover. With an abundant supply of high quality fish and shellfish, the Azores are a true paradise for those who love freshly caught fish. As for meat, you can’t miss the famous “Cozido das Furnas”, a unique and delicious dish that is cooked by the naturally produced volcanic heat underground in Furnas Valley, São Miguel. As for desserts, the pineapple reigns supreme, but also worth trying are massa sovada (Portuguese sweet bread), queijadas de Vila Franca do Campo, and the famous Donas Amélias of Terceira island.

These are the Azores: Their singular beauty draws you in and captivates you, enchanting every traveler who dares to embark on the adventures that await them here. Come and visit one of the most sought-after destinations of 2017 and make the most of your stay with two special deals through Bensaude Hotels: the Short Break and 2 Island Special.

Book your ideal winter getaway with us today and let the Azores take you on a real adventure where you’ll discover the hidden gems and magical beauty of the most coveted archipelago of the Atlantic.

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