Holidays in Azores

Azorean Tradition
The Bensaude Hotels celebrate Azorean Tradition in the Azores Islands and in Lisbon. During a month of many festivities in the archipelago, from Santo Cristo of Miracles to the Holy Spirit, there will also be special celebrations at all the Bensaud [...]
What to do in the Azores this summer?
The 2016 summer in the Azores Islands might be one of the most entertaining ones of the last few years, due to the new low cost airlines connecting daily the islands to Lisbon and Oporto. Even though it’s still relatively unknown, summer [&hellip [...]
What to do in the Azores these days
One often says that life is too short and when Carnaval rolls around, it goes by in three short days. But in the Azores Islands, Carnaval takes a little longer: on Terceira Island, one of the largest street theater performances in the […] [...]
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