Terra Nostra Garden Hotel at the World Travel Awards
Terra Nostra Garden Hotel is nominated for the 3rd time for Europe and Portugal’s Leading Boutique Hotel at the World Travel Awards Winner in 2014 of Portugal’s Leading Boutique Hotel category at the World Travel Awards, Terra Nostra Garden Hote [...]
Bensaude Hotels with new signature
Be the first to see the new Bensaude Hotels signature at BTL 2016, a perfect time to celebrate our 80th year and our company’s pioneering hospitality endeavors in the Azores Islands. This new signature reiterates our deep relationship with the Az [...]
What to do in the Azores these days
One often says that life is too short and when Carnaval rolls around, it goes by in three short days. But in the Azores Islands, Carnaval takes a little longer: on Terceira Island, one of the largest street theater performances in the […] [...]
Valentine’s Day at the Bensaude Hotels
The Azores Islands are the perfect Nature escape to spend some romantic quality time with your other half. It is no surprise that all Azorean legends touch upon dramatic love stories, still talked about today. You only have to look around at [&hell [...]
Easter in the Azores
When Easter comes around, you deserve a lengthier pause in your life so you can recharge your energy, because summer is still too far away. Easter is earlier this year and that means you can take an earlier vacation and enjoy the […] [...]
Happy Holidays Bensaude Hotels
Bensaude Hotels wishes you Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year! [...]
The Bensaude Hotels implement Excellence Award
On November 27th, a Protocol was signed between Bensaude Turismo and University of the Azores.  This ceremony took place at the Rectory building on Ponta Delgada’s campus.  Through this Protocol, Bensaude Turismo aims to promote college-level exc [...]
A cultural partnership
The Bensaude Hotels and Teatro Micaelense partner up to promote culture in the Azores and for the Azores. Stemming from a solid institutional bond, this partnership heightens the experience for all our hotel guests and Azorean residents, creating an [...]
Bensaude Hotels introduces PIRATE, our new mascot
On November 17th, the Bensaude Hotels and Raquel Viveiros, owner of “Uma Mão Cheia de Macaquins” label signed a protocol, a result of regional entrepreneurship actions and Centro Social e Paroquial de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira (local charity) i [...]
Tea Week at the Bensaude Hotels
Since the Azores Islands are the only place in Europe which produces tea, namely several varieties of black and green tea, the Bensaude Hotels are dedicating this week to one of the biggest cultural and gastronomical treasures of the archipelago. [...]
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