Oktoberfest at the Azores
From Bavaria, Oktberfest has become globally popular and Hotel Açores Atlântico will host it on September 26th from 8 PM to midnight. [...]
White Evening Bensaude Hotels
The Bensaude Hotels partner up with PDL White Ocean on August 1st with White Evening Bensaude Hotels [...]
Discover your Creative Nature With:
July 20th the Bensaude Hotels and the Walk&Talk Festival want to let you know about this workshop so you can play an active part in this Festival. This workshop is open to all our guests, requiring prior registration. [...]
Photography Exhibit “Ser ilhéu é…”
Until August 16th, Hotel Marina Atlântico will be the stage for a photography exhibit titled “Ser ilhéu é…” (To be an islander is…). Featuring works by Faial Island photographer Paulo Rodrigues Jorge, this show will offer us a totally uni [...]
Holy Spirit Tradition
After the large Santo Cristo Feast on São Miguel Island, religious festivities continue in June with the Holy Spirit Feast. During this time, the entire archipelago pools their resources to help the needy, and new beautiful cloths are shown to ca [...]
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