Book your vacation for the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 at the Bensaude Hotels
Book your vacation for the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 at the Bensaude Hotels.– save up to 25% off only for bookings at in the Azores Islands. [...]
Welcome Summer!
The Bensaude Hotels say hello to the next season with “Welcome Summer.” From June 17th to the 19th, the Bensaude Hotels will serve in all its establishments the very special “Passion Mint Sunrise” cocktail. [...]
The Bensaude Hotels celebrate Azorean Tradition in the Azores Islands and in Lisbon. During a month of many festivities in the archipelago, from Santo Cristo of Miracles to the Holy Spirit, there will also be special celebrations at all the Bensaud [...]
Bensaude Hotels with new signature
Be the first to see the new Bensaude Hotels signature at BTL 2016, a perfect time to celebrate our 80th year and our company’s pioneering hospitality endeavors in the Azores Islands. This new signature reiterates our deep relationship with the Az [...]
White Evening Bensaude Hotels
The Bensaude Hotels partner up with PDL White Ocean on August 1st with the White Evening Bensaude Hotels [...]
Bensaude Hotels and Walk&Talk Azores
In the 80th year of the Bensaude Hotels, we celebrate creativity, irreverence and the 5-year partnership with Walk&Talk Azores – International Public Art Festival. From the Azores Islands to the world, Walk&Talk celebrates its 5th edition [...]
After the large Santo Cristo Feast on São Miguel Island, religious festivities continue in June with the Holy Spirit Feast. During this time, the entire archipelago pools their resources to help the needy, and new beautiful cloths are shown to ca [...]
TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence São Miguel Park Hotel
In 2015, São Miguel Park Hotel receives TripAdvisor’s certificate of excellence [...]
Family time in the Azores Islands, or a handful of memories
All of us can fondly recall special times spent with family. From playing with our parents and siblings to experiencing the sensation of something brand new and unforgettable, we carry those moments with us. Vacationing with family can truly create t [...]
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