Carnaval Dances on Terceira Island

Bailinhos de Carnaval na Terceira_750

Terceira Island in the Azores has a century-old tradition of Carnaval which mobilizes thousands of followers around amateur theater performances titled Bailinhos or Shrovetide Dances (Shrovetide are the days before Ash Wednesday).


They are considered to be “the largest festival or popular theater in the Portuguese language,” greatly promoted by the population of the many counties, who are both participants and audience, generating large followings, getting more popular each year, so much so that this tradition is being considered as National Heritage.

The immense popularity of Terceira’s Bailinhos is so widespread that even in the United States there are Portuguese American groups who continue this tradition, obviously hand in hand with the rich desserts of Terceira Island such as coscorões, filhós and cavacas. During Carnaval, you can find Bailinhos, with themes reminiscent of mockery and ill-say or with religious, social, cultural or political topics.

This Carnaval, come discover this genuinely passionate and popular tradition of Terceira Island, whose capital is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage.  Terceira Mar Hotel overlooks Mount Brazil and Fanal Bay and is the perfect spot to rest in between Bailinhos, and offers you packages for couples and families throughout the season of Carnaval. You won’t regret it!

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