Geocaching at Terra Nostra Garden

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Geocaching in the Azores is a growing trend and the breathtaking views of the archipelago offer the perfect scenery, especially the Terra Nostra Garden, which is already part of the geocachers’ circuit in the islands, due to its 4 themed caches, which tell the history of this centennial Garden.


Geocaching on the Azores Islands is a growing trend and the breathtaking views of the archipelago offer the perfect scenery for this unique outdoor recreational activity- a form of treasure-hunting, where players or geocachers seek or hide containers (caches) using GPS, and logging their findings.

More and more popular in the Azores Islands, geocaching has been gathering lots of fans, not only islanders, but also visitors who tour the islands every day, as this activity is accessible to all ages and physical conditions, only requiring two things: eagerness to explore and a smartphone with a GPS.  Today, there are more than 2.5 million hidden caches in 180 countries and over 10 million users on, and Portugal is already the 6th country worldwide with logged geocaches, trailing behind the United States, Germany, Canada, Sweden and Australia.  However, there are an estimated 30 million geocachers.

On São Miguel Island alone, there are over 800 caches and this number is rapidly growing.  Since  it is already tradition at the Bensaude Hotels to take part in any initiative which supports and promotes the Azores Islands, on August 29th, we participated in the first geocaching event at Terra Nostra Garden, considered one of the most beautiful in the world.  The event “Glow in the Park” – Gardens and Parks of Furnas was the fruit of the partnership between Terra Nostra Garden Hotel and Azorean geocachers Luis Filipe Machado and Pedro Almeida.

The Terra Nostra Garden has 4 official themed caches, which tell geocachers of the garden’s history (cache “Flor em Flor”, cache “Jardim das Camélias” and multicache “FLA/Free Landscape of Atlantis”) whereas the cache unveiled on Saturday is located at Furnas Casino and its theme is games of chance.

October in the Azores Islands is the month of “Azores Gardens and Parks Caches,” and we will soon let you know about upcoming geocaching activities in the archipelago.   The Azores Islands are a haven of small hidden places, which can escape sight at first glance, definitely making this one of the greatest ways to uncover the Azores’s best kept secrets in a very accessible manner and for people ranging all fitness levels.  Download the Geocaching App now and start exploring the Azores Islands in a simple but fun way!



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